Fermat Reporter

The job

Fermat is a Swiss company specialized in the production and installation of motorized doors.

This application aims to simplify and automate the production of site reports for the company and the employees.

Important points for this work:

  • Less than a week for development
  • Need to be 100% maintenance free
  • Need to work without any DB
  • Need to run for cheap

Sample Report PDF

Batman Report


This project was built with:

Architecture choices

The app was exclusively deployed on Vercel due to time and cost limitations. With these requirements in mind Vercel is the best fit out there.

  • A Vercel Serverless Function is used to run Puppeteer, generate the PDF and download it.

  • The app right now is working without DB, but customer need a solution to update/create many reports at once. So to store and retrieve reports the IndexedDB is used. Also the app was designed by keeping in mind that a DB might be added in some time.

  • The app was designed to be a PWA to make it faster to load and easier to access.

Design choices

The design was clearly not a priority for this job, so I went simple and efficient.

The main goal of this application is to be used on the field, so a good responsiveness is required.

So here it is, simple and good UX.

Home Screen Update Screen

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