Pylone is a simple tool to manage serverless functions easily and fastly.

It's build to be totally cloud agnostic, and managed by a single template file.

In opposition to Serverless, there are no fancy config options, just the bare minimum.

What you can do with Pylone:

  • Host and update Functions, APIs, and Layers.
  • Run custom shell scripts before or after the update.
  • Manage multiple Functions, Layers, or APIs in the same repo easily.
  • Create a template with a simple CLI.


Only tested with python 3.7.

pip3 install pylone


pylone -h

Template reference


You can set the stages parameter to have a multistage project

    - dev # first one is used as default stage
    - prod # all other stages are more advanced stages


You can use the source parameter to force a directory to be used as source

source: ./bin

Before script

You can use the before-script parameter to execute a bash script before processing an entity

before-script: ./
# OR
before-script: "echo 'Starting ...'"

After script

Similar as before-script but launch script at the end of process

after-script: ./
# OR
after-script: "echo 'END of process'"